Why is Taiwan more progressive on LGBT issues compared to China?

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GDP per capita in Taiwan is $22,453, and in China it’s $8,113, according to IMF 2016. List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita

So Taiwan can afford to spend the time and focus public attention on where one puts one’s dick, and China can’t. The countries at around China’s level are Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Brazil, Russia. Which one of these are “more progressive on LGBT issues”?

There are a host of issues that are mostly developed-country issues. Like LGBT, smoking weed, animal cruelty, etc. Not that they are not legitimate issues FOR THEIR PEOPLE, but you basically looking at a scenario where you have one kid growing up devouring meat that only comes in in perfect square shape, preaching animal cruelty to some other kid who hardly has a bite to eat, and was a child soldier since 9, watching his fellow solders raping and looting. It would have been hilarious if it’s not so sad.




Right now, China wants to concentrate on these developmental issues: move up the economic value chain, figure out how to innovate, eliminate extreme poverty, and reduce inequality. The goal is to swing 100 million people out of extreme poverty, and move 300 million people from low-productivity to high-productivity. And these things can’t wait. It’s easier to reduce inequality if you can tell the rich people that “you’ll be growing at 3% a year” and the poor people that “you’ll be growing at 8% a year”. It’s near impossible if the overall growth has already stopped, and the only way to reduce inequality is to take money out of the rich and give it to the poor. Right now, they have to work out the policies and the social consensus to be either the Nordic countries, or Latin America. This can’t wait.

The tool the Chinese uses is the CCP, thus the current anti-corruption and internal cleansing. They need tools that are clean, sharp, and precise. The environment it needs is peace and trade, thus all her foreign policy initiatives are aimed at this result. Where you put your dick is so far below the radar it’s laughable, when there are still something like 50 million Chinese living under $2 a day.

And frankly, what’s so “progressive” about Taiwan’s LGBT issues? They are not even as “progressive” as ancient Sparta. I mean, if you really want to get on the front page worldwide, how about making your military barracks practice “brotherly love” like the Spartans? The Spartans had done this since like 900 BC… LOL!






On top of the excellent answers here, I wanna write something based on what I read from Chinese/Taiwanese news media recently.

What’s been said over there is basically: Taiwan wants to make money off the LGBT tourism, calling it “rainbow economy”.

News link in Chinese, from Taiwanese media from June 2017: 

And from Malaysian news:

A quick translation of the text:

In the beginning of the year, LGBT-representatives, professional travellers and media visited Taiwan to explore. According to the local travel agencies, the purchasing power of LGBT-community is not to be taken lightly.

As reported by the Taiwanese newspaper “China Times", the global LGBT tourism market increases by 10% annually, approaching 370 millions USD per year. This is a highly sought-after consumer group by many countries and regions.

Some Taiwanese travel agencies believe that LGBT-tourism offers huge business opportunities. Large numbers of LGBT people will specifically visit other countries/regions that legalised gay-marriage. Now that Taiwan is the first Asian region with legalised gay marriage, it will naturally attract some foreign LGBT-visitors to marry in Taiwan, creating a “rainbow economy”.










I think the root of the difference is that Taiwan necessarily embraced traditional liberal attitudes of valuation of individual rights as a part of its political reform process over the period from the 1970s to the 1990s. Those values have a logic that, when expressed politically, inevitably lead to protection of minority rights in every sphere of life — sexual, economic, political, artistic, etc. That’s just how liberty works in a society with a functioning, open government and real rule of law.

I think Paul Denlinger has correctly described how the ruling Communist Party on the mainland has come to see liberalism (again, using the word in its original meaning) as “Western” and just about every expression or idea associated with “liberalism” as a dangerous mental infection of anti-Chinese ideas aimed at “hurting China.” This view is becoming increasingly accepted across all segments of Chinese society. Promotion of liberal values in China is increasingly coming to be seen as, at best, naively being the tool of “Western imperialism.” More and more often, anyone who advocates liberal ideas in China is assumed to be “on the payroll of the CIA” or some front for Western (usually American) subversion of China.

我认为差异的根源在于,台湾必须接受传统的自由主义者对于个人价值权利的态度,作为70年代至90年代政治改革进程的一部分。 (请注意,正如世界上除了美国以外的任何地方所理解的那样,我使用“自由主义”一词来表示“重视个人的自由”。)这些价值观有一个逻辑,即当政治表达时,必然导致在生活的各个领域保护少数人的权利 - 性,经济,政治,艺术等等。这就是自由在一个运转良好,开放的政府和真正的法治的社会里的作用。



Taiwan is trying to graft modern day Anglo values and beliefs awkwardly into its own Chinese cultural heritage for western sympathy which results in the populace focusing on distractions such as the LGBT movement while ignoring its stagnant economy. It's almost like a drug to escape from reality.

This dates back to Sun Yat-Sen, the devoted ‘Methodist Christians’ Soong sisters and Chiang Kai-shek, all of whom basically wants modernisation of China by Westenisation. Suffice to say, it's not working very well. At least the Japanese pretended to have a Westernised political system to curry favours with the US while it kept its feudal society unchanged (good on them).

Chinese belief is one of non interference, live and let live. The LGBT is a non issue in Mainland China as nobody really cares if you are not straight as long as you don't bother anyone else.

IMHO In Taiwan, its jumping on the latest unicorn fad just to make itself feel important and another reason to feel superior to the mainlanders as they are more westernised and therefore better/more enlightened.

It's the same old same old Chiang Kai Shek’s bag of tricks of ‘look Merican, I’m just like you, the Chinese people want to become just like westerners, they can't wait to become , now give me money and military aid to defeat ’. Today the enemy is mainlanders, the belief is LGBT, used to be Japan and Christianity.




中国人的信仰是不干涉,活着。 LGBT在中国大陆并不是什么问题,只要你不打扰其他人,没有人会真正关心你。




Geez, can we stop with all the “it's politics” replies?

That makes my 10 hour long parade walk in Taipei Gay Pride seem like a morning jog…

Being a supporter of LGBT rights in Taiwan, I also have friends in China (PRC) trying to fight for their rights, too. Believe me, citizens on both sides are trying hard. However, Taiwan is more progressive for now.

Here are reasons I've concluded

Taiwan has a developed economy. This means we can procede to the stage of pursuing more civil rights.

Taiwan’s size. The PRC is much larger by size.

If 10% of the population in Taiwan disagrees, we will have at most parades to show disagreement (true example: 護家盟, a Christian Group against same-sex marriage). These people can choose to not vote for the same government next year, but since they're only 10%, no big deal.

If 10% of the population in Mainland China disagrees (that's 138 million people by the way), the CCP will have a huge bunch of unsatisfied Chinese. That's going to affect their image pretty badly, making it harder to rule the country.

Taiwan is a democracy. We get to decide what we want. If this government doesn't legalize same-sex marriage, we can choose to not vote for it next year.

So yes,

Taiwan is more progressive on LGBT rights.













Taiwan government likes flaunting LGBT issues - hmm, like many governments in the US.

China is mostly atheist, and Taiwan is Buddhist/Taoist/non-religious/Christian, in that order. China’s atheist and non-Christian/Catholic culture seems like it would be tolerant towards stuff like LGBT.

China, and all cultures, have a long, ancient history of LGBT. You’re LGBT or not depending on whether your current sociocultural sphere condones, embraces, or forbids it. 

Jin Xing, an MtF dancer from China (Korean parents), said it was much easier to have gender reassignment surgery in China in the 90s than the US at the time.

台湾政府喜欢炫耀关于LGBT的问题 - 嗯,就像美国的许多政府一样。

中国大部分是无神论者,台湾是佛教/道教/非宗教/基督徒。 中国的无神论者和非基督教/天主教文化似乎对LGBT这样的东西是宽容的。

中国和其所有的文化,都有着悠久的LGBT历史。 你是否同性恋,取决于你目前的社会文化领域是否宽恕,接纳或禁止。 



1.Mainland law system is not fully independent as the USA’s. If mainland pass a law, that means the whole center government support or oppose sth.

2. there are 56 ethnics in mainland. It is not accurate that the culture is similar. Especially for the Tibetans and Muslims,almost all of them oppose LGBT.

3. When we discuss sth about mainland and Taiwan,see Taiwan as a province then you will understand some differences. China is too huge.Many things in different provinces are too different.

4.The essence of LGBT is a political issue rather than a cultural issue.






The center piece of current Taiwan policy is to gain west support, whatever it takes, no matter how small it is.

So do not be surprised by any moves which inline Taiwan to western standard.

The funny part is by recognizing LGBT marriage, it literally irritates Trump the most which is the person Taiwan wants to please the most.







Earlier-developed societies have had time to become liberal, recently developed societies tend to be more conservative. Often both pride themselves on the difference.

很早发达的社会有时间成为自由主义的,最近发达的社会往往都比较保守。 通常都以自己的差异为荣。
台湾 LGBT 进步 大陆