Chinese kindergarten in Shenzhen welcomes kids back with pole dancing show

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Posted byu/China1989 3 hours ago

So before our kids got out of kindergarten for the summer there was 10 days of military "activities" and displays of machine guns and mortars at the door; now the principal has welcomed them back with a strip pole dance on the flagpole bearing the PRC flag. She's gone nuts.


Who would think this is a good idea? We're trying to pull the kids out of the school and get our tuition back. They wouldn't give us the number of the company that owns the school but looking into that.


The principal hung up on my wife when she called after saying it was "international and good exercise"...okay yeah for adults maybe but not 3-6 year old kids.


And they also had a bunch of adverts out for a pole dancing school. The gals in the videos except for the first one were not the principal.


This was the military display from back in July. Almost took them out of the school then but they were a few days from finishing so just let them stay. It is hard to move the kids around to a bunch of different schools here and they've made a lot of friends.


Here's the Bao'an education bureau's announcement about the firing of Ms. Lai. Parents had already complained to the police the bureau and called Chinese media before I'd even posted anything here.




ipa 40 points·1 day ago

I'm so immune against such events I wish I could be shocked or outraged but I'm LMBO.


Smirth 3 points·3 hours ago

When I was in China HR the hottest girls from HR put together a dance show in short skirts and stockings for the yearly company dinner.


Another year all the female interns in marketing wore hot pants and crop tops on stage; and stuck letters on their butts and then would dance into position and bend over to spell product names.

This was considered great fun by all.


Benchen70 4 points·22 hours ago

Yeah this is quite common in Asia not just China. South Korea is famous for their entertainment and B-list or C-list female entertainers would often be asked to perform in various public events eg military celebrations university and even high school festivals. They are quite common. often with sexy dancing with risque uniforms.


bigbosslaowai Best Korea 11 points·21 hours ago

The principal was a hero


TheDeadlyZebra 20 points·22 hours ago

China has 5000 years of pole-dancing history do you know it?


Stamperphile 6 points·21 hours ago

The sooner they know their future...


solitudeisunderrated 9 points·22 hours ago

This is actually unacceptable in China too. We may soon see it on weibo going viral.


Napoleon_icecream 7 points·21 hours ago

Too bad I didn’t get this with my kindergarten education ??


rguy84 0 points·18 hours ago

Physics and anatomy! Certainly a learning opportunity.


jiaxingseng China 12 points·20 hours ago

Um... because that's where live has taken them.


himit Taiwan 7 points·19 hours ago

Sure but the key word there is 'choice'.

I loved Asia (lived in Taiwan) but once we had a kid I started thinking 'If I have better options available is it really right to raise her here?' and now we're in Europe.

Nowhere's perfect but the lifestyle is much better here the environment is much cleaner and it wasn't a huge hit career-wise. Obviously it all depends on your individual factors but for us leaving was the better option. It might not be for you I don't know your life.


LaoSh 8 points·18 hours ago

Yeah if you can't afford to put them through one of the fancy foreign schools in China you owe it to your kids to move to a real country. Living off welfare in the west would be better for them.


sineapple England 3 points·17 hours ago

Life took me there mate but I got the hell out as soon as a baby was on the cards



dchinab 3 points·19 hours ago

one of the reasons i left. no way i want my kid being brought up in the chinese educational system.


heels_n_skirt 1 point·18 hours ago

I hope the kids and their parents received an happy ending at the end


jasonx10101 1 point·3 hours ago

Classic China! Principal most likely got rich from a construction company bribe and has no fucking idea about running a school.

Seriously though even someone with no education at all would notice this is not for small children or even benefit anyone at this event.


takeitchillish 1 point·23 hours ago

Classy as always China.


Not_for_consumption -7 points·20 hours ago

Pole dancing is good exercise. Damn you are a bunch of sex obsessed prudes.


assholehero 3 points·16 hours ago

Why does she dress like a whore?

深圳 幼儿园 钢管舞 孩子 返校